Chelsea boots are here!

Chelsea boots

Magna as in splendid, elegant ... and magnificent! Because the versatility of this ankle boot will make each day a Pure in the Sky experience. Are you wearing a skirt? Here you go. Jeans? Perfect. Do you need to leave the house in a rush? Has something unexpected come up? An important meeting? An unforeseen evening? A safe option! And, in addition, a comfortable one, because the studied height of its elastic bands and the ergonomic width of its shape will make your life in the city much easier. To this we add its materials, carefully selected after many months of research: 100% vegan, 100% recycled and with components which are even surprising in some cases, such as the use of corn leather, the neoprene lining or the special sole made of recycled eva rubber. All of high quality. And all made in Spain. That is why it is magnificent. Because you will never step higher...

Vegan leather
Recycled polyester and biodegradable polyurethane
Recycled Nylon (83%) and elastane (17%)
Eva rubber
Recycled rubber from Eva

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