Chelsea boots are here!

Chelsea boots

A classic has arrived! An icon! A wardrobe staple that never goes out of style! The Chelsea boot! Completely redesigned, of course, in its Happiest on Earth version. What makes them so special? To begin with, two elastic bands, at a specially calculated height along the shaft so that it is super easy to put on. And their comfortable shape, which will soften the steps of your busy life in the city. But, what can you tell me about that square toe, huh? What a detail! Or its vibrant metallic gold? How attractive! An ideal option for dressing up when you want a rest from heels, or to give your everyday look a special touch. A dream in the form of a shoe made in Spain from 100% vegan and sustainable materials, such as corn leather or the recycled eva rubber sole, that will surprise you at just how much you want to wear it... To shine!

Vegan leather
Recycled polyester and biodegradable polyurethane
Recycled Nylon (83%) and elastane (17%)
Eva rubber
Recycled rubber from Eva

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