Chelsea boots are here!

Chelsea boots

Our reinterpretation of this classic comes, for the Coolest in Town version, in powerful earthly colours such as sunrises and plums, which will bring forcefulness and personality to your footprint wherever you go. And speaking of footprints, have you noticed its toecap? With its imposing square shape, nothing or no one will get in your way. Although its force is on the outside, of course, because on the inside it is just the opposite: soft, fluffy and super comfortable thanks to the calculated width of its shape and the height of its elastic bands, which will make your frenetic urban life a much more pleseant experience. And if we add to this their extraordinary materials, bingo! Precisely applied care, all vegan, all recycled and all homemade. A new world for your feet with which you will leave your mark...

Vegan leather
Recycled polyester and biodegradable polyurethane
Recycled Nylon (83%) and elastane (17%)
Eva rubber
Recycled rubber from Eva

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