Waking up in the morning, putting these necklace on, and feeling Happiest on Earth!

Rara Avis Collection

This flame bowerbird in the shape of a Maxi necklace is ready to jump into action. Since the first light of dawn, he has been performing a repertoire of assorted imitations: he started with a barking sound of a dog, then the croaking ruckus of a frog, and next was a human laugh... and now that of a machine gun! He hides behind his neck and does not stop singing. Suddenly, a bird of the same species with a similar color appears on the other side, but its head is more round: could it be a female? He laughs cheerfully. He hums. He screeches. He accomplished the hardest part, attracting her! Will he get her to stay?

New high quality material with glossy ​finishing
Hypoallergenic silver plated
This necklace is lighter than...
a carrot!
Maxi necklace
Limited edition
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